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The Partners 4 Learning Resource

Partners4Learning (P4L) provides a portal through which teachers, school administrators and parents can gain access to research, case studies, advice, a bank of practical resources and professional development to support enhanced parent, family and community partnerships within and between school communities.

The P4L resource has been designed to complement the Australian Government's National Family School Partnership Framework (download here). It is a web-based Centre of Excellence in Parent and Community Engagement funded through the Australian Government's Smarter Schools Teacher Quality National Partnership.

This project is supported by current government policy goals and initiatives such as the Melbourne Declaration on the National Goals for Young Australians, the COAG schools agenda, the Commonwealth’s National Family School Partnership Framework and the NSW Institute of Teachers Teaching Standards which place high importance on the need for teachers and schools to work more closely in partnership with parents.

The initiative is a practical response to the school improvement literature that acknowledges parental engagement with student learning positively affects student outcomes and that effective schools have high levels of parent and community engagement (see Weiss &Kreider: 2009; Hattie: 2009; Harris, Andrew-Power & Goodall: 2009; Hargreaves & Shirley: 2009).

There are 7 dimensions of the National Family- School Partnership Framework and we have linked all resource materials to these categories. Click on the tabs above to view a range of different ideas, activities, research and case studies to enhance parental engagement with your school community.


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