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  • “When schools truly become the centres of the community, great things happen” – Anne Duncan, US Education Secretary works to ensure community schooling is an integral key reform strategy. Find out more at: www.communityschools.org

  • Social networks [including with Churches], provide important opportunities for children's further learning, particularly the development of cultural identity and sense of belonging that contributes to children's feelings of well-being.  Social networks also provide crucial support for parents as they endeavour to increase the familiy's cultural capital (eg by adding further pedagogical strategies to their repertoire in order to raise their children's achivement" (Biddulph, Biddulph and Biddulph: 2003, pv)
  • In Europe,“the collaboration between families and early childhood professionals has emerged as an essential topic of educational research and professional development” (Hujala, et al, 2009: 57).
  •  “Helping teachers to connect students’ home and school lives and assisting parents in understanding possible roles in school can contribute not only to student achievement but also to a greater sense of community for all participants” (Egbert & Salsbury, 2009: 375-376)


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