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Building Community and Identity
This key dimension emphasises
  • School communities to look at ways to improve the quality of life in a community while honouring the culture, traditions, values and relationships in that community
  • Activities that promote the building of social and spiritual capital by providing opportunities for self-growth and renewal for all members of the school/parish - students, staff, families
  • Schools and parishes being focal points for communities to come together and engage in capacity building

Research Information

When schools truly become the centres of the community, great things happen - Arne Duncan, Secretary for Education, Federal Department for Education, USA.

Watch a video on the role of a Family Liaison Officer by clicking on the 'More' button.

Activities / What can be done

  • Plan specific activities to network parents at every opportunity and ensure that structured interactions are integral to every gathering.
  • Work with a parent team to map your local school community for contacts, resources, organisations and personnel to support your school. Involve them in regular school activities.
  • Create a culture of welcome and involvement through personal invitation.

Resources / What you can use


Here are some teaching ideas that can be used in relation to NAIDOC Week that help to address The Australian Curriculum: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Culture cross-curriculum priority.

Advent 2016 Liturgy

Advent is the beginning of the Church’s Year. This simple liturgy reminds us that it is a time of promise, expectation and participation as we prepare for the great celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Roads to Refugee website

The DEC has launched a fantastic new resource to support schools and more broadly, workers in the sector of refugee settlement. It provides good information with engaging materials such as short DVDs.

Case Studies / What others have done


Kindergarten Expo

On the first day of kindergarten, Immaculate Heart of Mary hosts an expo featuring lots of interesting stalls for parents from the school and the community.