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  • "Extended schools [are] schools that focus on the wider needs of students, within and beyond the school, to support their wellbeing; learning engagement and academic achievement. They are  schools that not only commit to excellence in teaching and learning within the classroom, but are prepared to address the range of external factors that impact on students' ability to engage in learning" (Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, The Case for an Education Revolution, August 2008)
  • " Schools can and do make a significant difference but do not make all or even most of it. They cannot excel alone but need communities and society to work with and alongside them. This means more schools working with communities and more investment in community and family development" (Hargreaves, A  and Shirley, D (2009). The Fourth Way: The Inspiring Future for Educational Change. (Corwin Press)
  • A school is a 'community school' when: "Partnerships with other establishments, organisations and businesses are used to broaden and deepen young people’s learning and to enable them to achieve success in wider contexts. This work is carefully planned by school leaders to enhance the curriculum and develop the perspectives of both children and staff. Community links are fully embedded into the life and work of the school". http://www.journeytoexcellence.org.uk/partnership/improvementguides/theschoolinitscommunity.asp
  • Social Researcher Hugh Mackay has hypothesised that schools of the future will be community hubs providing social contact and educational resources for everyone. Hugh Mackay (2007). Advance Australia - Where? How we've changed why we've changed and what will happen next (1st ed).

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