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Collaborating Beyond the School
This key dimension emphasises
  • Building relationships in the wider community including with businesses, after- school providers, higher education, community based organisations & parishes to support children's learning
  • External partnerships that are integrated into the school's overall plan - not 'bolted on' or ad hoc
  • Schools recognising that integrated and comprehensive programs that address the real needs of children and families can significantly enhance children's outcomes above the levels achieved by schools working alone
  • A recognition that social networks, including through parishes, provide important opportunities for children's 'extended' learning and sense of identity and connectedness

Research Information

"Partnerships between students, parents, carers and families, the broader community, business, schools and other education and training providers bring mutual benefits and maximise student engagement and achievement. Partnerships engender support for the development and wellbeing of young people and their families and can provide opportunities for young Australians to connect with their communities, participate in civic life and develop a sense of responsible citizenship.

In particular, the development of partnerships between schools and Indigenous communities, based on cross-cultural respect, is the main way of achieving highly effective schooling for Indigenous students".

- National Goals For Young Australians (The Melbourne Declaration).

Activities / What can be done

  • Liaise with local welfare agencies eg Centacare’, DOCS. and local agencies.
  • Gather support and information for families in need.
  • Share invitations and resources with other schools.

Resources / What you can use

Helping your child settle into Kindy

Starting ‘big school’ can be both exciting and a little scary for children. While the majority of children will settle in well to their new school and routine, some might also show signs that they are not coping as well as you might expect as a parent in those first few weeks. Here are some tips on helping your child settle into Kindergarten.

Overseas Travel for School Leavers

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service is encouraging students to make sure they are familiar with what they need to do and be aware of when heading overseas for end of school celebrations. Schools and teachers can use this short presentation to help their students enjoy a safe and enjoyable holiday overseas.

Safe Schools Hub Website

The Safe Schools Hub is the new website designed for schools, parents and students featuring a suite of resources and tips to make schools safer places. Links to anti-bullying sites and a safe schools toolbox for schools are just examples of what this site has to offer. Make a point of visiting to keep your school up to date with the National Safe Schools Framework too.

Case Studies / What others have done


Special Needs Expo Kotara

Watch what one diocese has to offer parents of children with special/additional needs. An Expo of providers and suppliers of a variety of services and products gathered to meet and speak to parents about how they could help them.