About News and Initiatives Contacts


  • Design whole school strategies to enhance open communication and engagement - ensure that teachers, students , parents and front office staff are involved in the planning processes.
  • Develop PD programs for teachers, school leaders and “front desk” personnel around effective communication.
  • Distribute resources that demystify complex educational language and create plain language newsletter items for key educational issues eg Naplan.
  • Consider the appointment of a parent-school liaison person and engage class parent representatives to talk to parents and to invite them to participate in specific activities.
  • Share processes for communicating with teachers, office staff and additional part time staff eg school counsellors, special needs assistants.
  • Establish clear expectations about communication and phrase all statements in a positive and friendly – watch the You language.
  • Design parent-friendly messages and flyers, a Parent Information Booklet for Kindy parents and a Community News Notice Board.
  • Distribute regular, useful information on how to build rapport with teachers/parents.
  • Establish agreed strategies for contacting parents and dealing with incidents at school.
  • Distribute useful parent information and advertising events and programs via newsletters and flyers and school website.
  • Provide programs of welcome to families, including induction kits in user friendly language and style.
  • Address staff workshops on attitudes and assumptions about parents.


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