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Overseas Travel for School Leavers

503 Downloads, 8 November 2013

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service is encouraging students to make sure they are familiar with what they need to do and be aware of when heading overseas for end of school celebrations. Schools and teachers can use this short presentation to help their students enjoy a safe and enjoyable holiday overseas.

Flipped Classrooms

8 August 2013

The flipped classroom, one of the central features of 21st century learning, flips traditional teaching on its head. Instead of listening to teachers lecture then doing homework, in the flipped classroom, students watch video lessons before class, then in class, work with other students to solve problems and apply their knowledge while teachers answer students' queries or fill in the gaps.

School Action Plan for Parent Engagement - Linking to Learning

1432 Downloads, 27 May 2013

This template can be used for planning parent engagement activities to support identified school/classroom goals.

Tip Sheet for Parent Teacher Meetings

1649 Downloads, 27 May 2013

This resource provides simple ideas for making parent teacher meetings more productive and meaningful.

Safe Schools Hub Website

591 Downloads, 18 March 2013

The Safe Schools Hub is the new website designed for schools, parents and students featuring a suite of resources and tips to make schools safer places. Links to anti-bullying sites and a safe schools toolbox for schools are just examples of what this site has to offer. Make a point of visiting to keep your school up to date with the National Safe Schools Framework too.

10th Biennial CCSP/PRC Parent Conference

517 Downloads, 13 February 2013

This weekend promises to be another wonderful gathering of parents, teachers, schools staff, education office staff and many others from around NSW and interstate. There is a fantastic line-up of top-notch speakers, mass with Bishop Fisher, great dinner entertainment and some interesting Q&A sessions including Director of Schools Greg Whitby and a special emphasis on technology.

Partners4Leaning Promotional Poster

651 Downloads, 5 February 2013

Partners4Learning New Promotional Poster. Display in the staff room, foyer. Utilise as a discussion starter or resource at staff meetings, parent information evenings, or P&F meetings. Perfect for new teachers!

Top 10 Resources TERM ONE 2013

824 Downloads, 16 January 2013

Top Tips for Term One 2013, to get teachers, principals, parents and students off to a good start. Tips for transition for primary, secondary and students with special needs.

Anne Henderson's Master Class Tips - Chapter 5 of Beyond the Bake Sale

1181 Downloads, 27 September 2012

At the Master Class, visiting expert Anne Henderson shared chapter 5 of her popular book Beyond the Bake Sale, with participants. This chapter titled Linking to Learning suggests ways that families and schools can collaborate on their child's learning thereby improving student achievement. Keywords: achievement, learning, homework.

A to Z Postcard

798 Downloads, 16 September 2012

This postcard provides practical help for primary and secondary school parents.. Topics such as homework, study skill activities, technology use and wellbeing activities can be found at this site. It's brilliant! Check out the A toZ parenting app too.


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