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A to Z Postcard

906 Downloads, 16 September 2012

This postcard provides practical help for primary and secondary school parents.. Topics such as homework, study skill activities, technology use and wellbeing activities can be found at this site. It's brilliant! Check out the A toZ parenting app too.

Engaging parents in young people’s careers - item 2

3 July 2012

The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) has released a report on schools engaging parents in supporting the career development of students. See this site for a number of excellent case studies of good practice

Engaging parents in young people’s careers - item 1

3 July 2012

The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) recently commissioned a report on schools engaging parents in supporting the career development of students - 5 excellent articles - VET career development services: the way forward ; Effective Career Development Services for Young People (15 - 24) with Disability; Issues that impact upon the provision of effective career development and more ..

3rd CCSP Master Class - Parent and Community Engagement with Learning

2 July 2012

Dr Anne Henderson from the USA will present a full-day workshop on understanding the importance of parent and community engagement. Anne’s specialty is the relationship between families and schools, and its impact on students’ academic outcomes. See News Item for further details

Resources for ..... parenting / caring / education

746 Downloads, 25 May 2012

This one page resource has a range of excellent websites for parents, carers and teachers in engaging families in their child's learning. Word format for easy customisation.

Cyberbullying - resource Materials

611 Downloads, 25 May 2012

This information document can be used as a handout to parents - or selected items can be copied and inserted into school newsletters each week. These sites can be used to help teach young people how to be safe on line. Most include information about cyberbullying.

Getting Young People with Disabilities ready for school and work - A Guide for Parents

643 Downloads, 26 April 2012

This Guide for Parents aims to support people with disabilities make a successful transition from school into further education, training and work It reviews the range of post-school pathways open to young people with disability, to assist them access appropriate support and adjustments, and to help them plan successfully for the transition.

The Middle Years of Schooling - Helping your child with Literacy and Numeracy

663 Downloads, 24 April 2012

This booklet has been produced to assist parents and caregivers in helping their young adolescent in the middle years of school with literacy and numeracy. Parent support and encouragement are vital at this stage. This booklet can be copied and shared with parents at parent information evenings, parent interviews and added to school websites. It is an excellent resource for Year Coordinators .

NEW! - Helping your parents engage with their child's learning

24 April 2012

School a-z – has tips and more to help you support your parents engage with their child’s learning. There are video clips and handouts for how to get the most out of parent – teacher meetings, videos on assignment starters, help with homework, subject help sheets and more. Great ideas for teachers, parents, classroom activities and homework suggestions.

7 Top Tips for Surviving Year 7

787 Downloads, 24 April 2012

Updated 2016: This is a great handout for year coordinators to send to parents of year 7 students. It can easily be modified for other secondary years too. in Word format for easy customisation. Key words - teenagers, TV, internet, homework, study, year coordinator,


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