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Consultative Decision Making

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  • Engagement implies that parents are "an essential part of their learning process, an extended part of the pedagogic process" and should be combined with other efforts to enhance academic achievement of children" (Harris and Goodall: 2007 67).
  • The National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) at Johns Hopkins University provides schools and education authorities with research based tools and guidelines to help them plan, implement and maintain “comprehensive and goal oriented programs of school, family and community partnerships” (Epstein, 2009) p27.  NNPS also provides guidance on evaluations and consultation.

Further Reading

  • Dotger, B., Harris, S. and Hansel, A. (2008) Emerging authenticity: the crafting of simulated parent-teacher candidate conferences, Teaching Education, 19 (4): 337-349.
  • Macfarlane, K. (2008) Playing the game: examining parental engagement in schooling in post-millenial Queensland, Journal of Education Policy, 23 (6): 701-713.



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