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Consultative Decision Making
This key dimension emphasises
  • Activities that recognise parents are entitled to be consulted and participate in decisions concerning their own children
  • Activities that provide training and information to support parents enhance partnership and support them play meaningful roles in the school decision-making processes
  • Activities that ensure inclusive practices are written as part of school policy and annual planning

Research Information

“Effective partnerships are based on mutual trust, respect and shared responsibility for the education of the children and young people at the school.” Family –School Partnerships Framework 2008

Activities / What can be done

  • Work with school executive team to map where and how parents are involved in consultative decision making – then add layers to existing good practice.
  • Ensure that the school community is consulted on new school policies eg assessment and reporting, curriculum changes, homework.
  • Seek out parent representatives from all multi cultural groups and personally ask their perspective and opinions. Provide specific support for parent leaders from different cultural groups.

Resources / What you can use

5 Tips for Work Life Balance for Teachers

Top 5 tips for achieving the holy grail of work-life-balance. Open up to new ways of doing what you have always done and aim for a more fulfilled, wholistic year ahead.

School Assessment Tool

Like Partners4Learning, this new resource builds on the seven key dimensions of the Australian Family School Partnership Framework. The elements of effective practice, case-studies, research summaries and the bank of resources under each of the seven key dimensions on Partners4Learning will be useful to work through the School Assessment process and make plans for action.

The 4 Vital Steps in Good Communication

Projecting professionalism fast enhances relationships between teachers and parents. These 4 steps provide a simple and effective guideline to assist parent-teacher meetings. Key words - rapport, contribution, advice, issues

Case Studies / What others have done

There are no case studies available at this time. If you would like to submit your school’s story as a case study please contact us