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Consultative Decision Making


  • Work with school executive team to map where and how parents are involved in consultative decision making – then add layers to existing good practice.
  • Ensure that the school community is consulted on new school policies eg assessment and reporting, curriculum changes, homework.
  • Seek out parent representatives from all multi cultural groups and personally ask their perspective and opinions. Provide specific support for parent leaders from different cultural groups.
  • Initiate regular “Conversations with… (principals name) - as opportunities for casual discussion and feedback.
  • Provide training workshops and “personally invite and encourage” parents to be actively involved and confident to take on roles.
  • Invite students to parent gatherings to discuss and share issues, for example around new curriculum developments.
  • Help parents to be clear about the collaborative purpose and role of the P&F and use every opportunity to seek feedback about learning and community relationships.


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