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NSW Cross-sectoral Parent Engagement Teacher Professional Development Project

On 20 July 2010 the NSW Education Minister Verity Firth announced that the NSW Government will provide $163,500 to fund an ‘Engaging with Parents, Carers and Families’ strategy. The strategy was developed by the peak parent bodies in NSW - the NSW Federation of P&Cs, the Council of Catholic School Patrents (CCSP) and the NSW Parents Council.

The strategy involves the development of ‘pre-service’ teacher training and ‘in-service’ teacher professional development modules to support enhanced parent and community involvement in schooling.

The Australian Catholic University has partnered with the three parent associations to write the modules which will be availble in 2011.

For more information contact Danielle Cronin - danielle.cronin@ccsp.catholic.edu.au

For Current NSW Insitute of Teachers accredited Teacher Professional Development Opportunities in:

  • Sydney Archdiocese - contact Virginia Francis  - virginia.francis@syd.catholic.edu.au
  • Maitland Newcastle - contact Cath Garrett-Jones  - cath.garrett-jones@mn.catholic.edu.au
  • Broken Bay - contact Carmel Hewitt - carmel.hewitt@dbb.edu.au
  • Wollongong - contact Rebecca Hill - rebecca.hill@dow.catholic.edu.au .


  • The CCSP can arrange for PD sessions in the other dioceses on request.  Please contact Danielle Cronin danielle.cronin@ccsp.catholic.edu.au or Linda McNeil linda.mcneil@ccsp.catholic.edu.au





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