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CCSP and Diocesan Education Officers are available to facilitate these workshops for your school or diocese 

Popular topics are:

  • Parent Engagement  - What is Parent and Community Engagement? Do Parents Know They Matter? Building Parent and Community Links.
  • Managing the Parent Factor - This presentation teases out teacher assumptions and beliefs about parent involvement in schools, It addresses contemporary challenges of Gen X parents and their expectations of schools and teachers. The activities provide opportunities for addressing professionalism and effective communication in complex situations.
  • Projecting Professionalism Fast  - for staff members wishing to enhance their communication skills and parent engagement strategies
  • P&F 101- This workshop delves into the why’s and wherefore’s of parent associations while workshopping useful tips and strategies for making parent associations more effective. Using activities, ‘what if’ scenarios and group dialogue, participants gain clarity around the purpose of their parent association; the roles of the office bearers; good meeting procedures; as well as what to do in the event of conflict.
  • Hearing Their Stories: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander -Parents and Carers As Beacons of Hope

CCSP Master Class for 2011:

  • Friday evening, May 14, 2011. Venue TBA 

    Master Class with Michael McQueen - Balancing the generational differences facing schools today.
     This forum will present a revealing and humorous look at how our younger
    generation approach and view the world in a very different way to their parents and teachers.

    Diary Date  2011:

    Burning Spirit - 2011 - Sydney
  • NCEC conference,  Adelaide
  • “Pearls of Wisdom” Maitland-Newcastle Federation of Parents and Friends - 30th Anniversary Conference - 22nd to 24th July 2011, Shoal Bay Resort and Spa
  • Roger O'Sullivan Lecture - Sydney - 10 November




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