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  • Provide training opportunities to ensure there is appropriate understanding of the protocols and responsibilities required of volunteer roles.
  • Map the current parent volunteer programs in the school and plan ways to add layers of involvement appropriate to need.
  • Provide encouragement and training for parents to be actively involved and confident to take on roles.
  • Use annual welcome/ orientation processes as a way of asking family members how they would like to share participation in their child’s education.
  • Support, encourage and assist Class Parents and P&F so there is broader involvement and good leadership.
  • Organise thank-you celebrations for volunteers.
  • Invite family and community members to share their skills and expertise as speakers, planner and, mentors.
  • Develop small working parties or action teams around a specific project/ topic. Provide opportunities for short and longer term commitments.
  • Implement flexible schedules for assemblies, conversations with the principal, grade events or committee meetings.


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