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Recognising the Role of Families
This key dimension emphasises
  • An understanding that parents and families are their children's first and continuing educators and they have a lasting influence on their children’s attitudes and achievements throughout school
  • Parents, families, carers and teachers developing an understanding of each other’s roles, responsibilities and aspirations for the home-school partnership and fostering positive relationships
  • That families know and understand the school's goals, directions and ethos and that the school seeks to understand families' priorities and aspirations for their children
  • That schools explore the nature of the family's role in the education of children at home and offer strategies for family support and encouragement of children's learning at school

Research Information

"Research shows clearly that the concept of family-school partnerships is an idea whose time has come ...Yet it is a bold concept requiring substantial cultural change, both within schools and in attitudes towards schools".

Activities / What can be done

  • Use key points of transition to engage parents in discussions about student development and learning
  • Distribute useful parent information via newsletters and flyers.
  • Distribute information to teachers about positive communication with families and include quick activities in staff meetings that highlight the value of effective parent - school relationships

Resources / What you can use

Smart Sleep Habits

Did you know that in Australia approximately 30% of primary school children and 70% of teenagers are sleep deprived? Lisa Maltman from the Sleep Connection explains what sleep deprivation is and what parents can do to help their child develop smart sleep habits. This article was first seen in the Positive Times newsletter.

Parent-Teacher interview tips

Tips for parents and teachers on how to get the most from a parent-teacher interview.

Parent Knowledge + Teacher Knowledge

Dr Deb Pushor from University of Saskatchewan describes how combining parent knowledge + teacher knowledge benefits students and the community. Dr Pushor runs a Curriculum of Parents at the University where she works with pre-service teachers to raise their understanding and appreciation of what parents bring to their child's educational experience. This is a must-see for teachers.

Case Studies / What others have done

There are no case studies available at this time. If you would like to submit your school’s story as a case study please contact us