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Recognising the Role of Families


  • Use key points of transition to engage parents in discussions about student development and learning
  • Distribute useful parent information via newsletters and flyers.
  • Distribute information to teachers about positive communication with families and include quick activities in staff meetings that highlight the value of effective parent - school relationships
  • Distribute regular communication resources for parents in newsletters .
  • Organise Parent Education Workshops and establish follow up support networks as a result of parenting programs.
  • Establish and promote Parent Library (books, information and DVDs).
  • Survey parents and families to determine community needs and priorities.
  • Organise discussions, meetings or information nights with class parents and P&F on “hot topics” of interest. Promote widely and often to attract numbers.
  • Recognise the role of families in homework activities – create activities that can be shared at dinner tables and even between TV add breaks!
  • Co-ordinate Open Days and “Taste of Learning' School Days.
  • Develop supportive relationships through regular visits to pre-schools.
  • Establish and promote Parent Library plus (Parent Room, Parent Computer Space).


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