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Recognising the Role of Families


Parent Knowledge + Teacher Knowledge

12 July 2017

Dr Deb Pushor from University of Saskatchewan describes how combining parent knowledge + teacher knowledge benefits students and the community. Dr Pushor runs a Curriculum of Parents at the University where she works with pre-service teachers to raise their understanding and appreciation of what parents bring to their child's educational experience. This is a must-see for teachers.

Changing challenges to opportunities to learn

461 Downloads, 5 February 2016

The beginning of the school year always brings with it changes and with that challenges with new teachers and changing classes / friendships groups. These practical tips help parents support their children social skill building.

Starting the School Journey

439 Downloads, 5 February 2016

Top Tips for Parents & Families to assist when starting the school journey and the beginning of faith, learning and well being partnerships with their school community.

Essential Conversations: What would you do if ...?

431 Downloads, 5 February 2016

As children move into secondary school and beyond, parents have potential concerns. This one page gives tips for having those essential conversations , "What would you do if ...? to give them the opportunity to build resilience and develop confidence in their new and expanding world.

Essential Conversations: What would you do if ...?

457 Downloads, 5 February 2016

As children start school or move into higher classes, their world expands and therefore so do the range of experiences where mum or dad are not there. This one page gives tips for having those essential conversations , "What would you do if ...?

A - Z Literacy & Numeracy Resource

439 Downloads, 10 March 2015

Ideas and activities from National Literacy and Numeracy Week to build students' literacy and numeracy capabilities in fun and easy ways.

Literacy and Numeracy Tips (multilingual)

10 March 2015

Literacy and Numeracy tips in seven languages for children in primary school. These literacy and numeracy tips from the National Literacy & Numeracy Week initiative for parents are available via mp3 or written transcript in seven languages. Ideal for teachers and parents to use with students.

What Works. The Work Program

13 June 2014

What Works. The Work Program helps schools plan and take action to improve educational outcomes for Australian indigenous students. The website provides material to support the three-step process: building awareness; forming partnership and working systematically. It provides workbooks, case studies and other information to help schools improve outcomes for indigenous students.

Flipped Classrooms

8 August 2013

The flipped classroom, one of the central features of 21st century learning, flips traditional teaching on its head. Instead of listening to teachers lecture then doing homework, in the flipped classroom, students watch video lessons before class, then in class, work with other students to solve problems and apply their knowledge while teachers answer students' queries or fill in the gaps.

Acknowledging Country Poster

639 Downloads, 18 June 2013

This Acknowledgement of Country Poster has been developed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and carers for school communities to display around the school, for example in their foyer, staff room and classrooms.


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