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Recognising the Role of Families


Managing the Parent Factor

1307 Downloads, 12 August 2010

This presentation teases out teacher assumptions and beliefs about parent involvement in schools, It addresses contemporary challenges of Gen X parents and their expectations of schools and teachers. The activities provide opportunities for addressing professionalism and effective communication in complex situations. CCSP Education Officers can facilitate this workshop for staff teams.

Andrew Fuller- Hints for Learning - Newsletter Snippets

803 Downloads, 12 July 2010

These items can be cut and pasted into school newsletters - good ideas for parents in supporting children's learning. Key words - learning, desks, sleep, succeed, TV, breakfast, HSC

Communicating with Parents and Care Givers

488 Downloads, 8 July 2010

A useful power point to address collaboration and engagement with parents. Principals can adapt this for staff meetings or community gatherings. Key words - involvement, engagement, learning, relationships, communication, stratgies

Parents - The Link Between School and Parish

512 Downloads, 28 June 2010

This powerpoint provides the context for developing close school-parent-parish partnerships. It enables discussion about using parent ministry across school and Church

Parents as Partners in School Review

4977 Downloads, 27 June 2010

A practical series of ideas for involving parents in consultation processes and / or school review gatherings. These strategies and activities can be valuable tools for school improvement processes and engaging with parent and community groups. Key Words - school review, school improvement

Top Ten Tips for Starting School

1289 Downloads, 27 June 2010

These top tips are a great support for parents of children starting school in Kindergarten

Just for Fun - parent bingo

1466 Downloads, 23 June 2010

A fun ice breaker activity for kindy gatherings

Transition to Primary School Module

861 Downloads, 23 June 2010

Welcoming new (and current ) families resources - with fridge templates for new families - a “who’s who” at the school -conversation starters for new kindy children – “what if… “ scenarios - Welcome signs for the school playground - Welcome letters and certificates for families and children and prayers for parent gatherings

Beyond the Front Door - Secondary

1325 Downloads, 23 June 2010

UPDATED 2016 A useful handout for parents whose Year 7 students are entering a new world after primary school. These practical "What' if situations open conversation about potential issues of concern for teenagers. Key words - bullying, attitude, socialise, resilience, behaviours, experiences,starting school, beginnnings, high school,

Beginning Our High School Journey - Year 7 prayer

2071 Downloads, 23 June 2010

Walking Together - Beginning our High School Journey - prayer for Year 7 gatherings


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