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Recognising the Role of Families


Resources for ..... parenting / caring / education

982 Downloads, 25 May 2012

This one page resource has a range of excellent websites for parents, carers and teachers in engaging families in their child's learning. Word format for easy customisation.

Get ready for study and work - Top Tips for students with disabilities

26 April 2012

This site has a range of excellent information to help people with a disability plan for their future study and employment for getting ready for life after school. You can also download a workbook for young people with disabilities here. The workbook covers each of our top ten tips and and contains lots of practical activities and advice. Key words - teachers, parents, year coordinators

The Middle Years of Schooling - Helping your child with Literacy and Numeracy

793 Downloads, 24 April 2012

This booklet has been produced to assist parents and caregivers in helping their young adolescent in the middle years of school with literacy and numeracy. Parent support and encouragement are vital at this stage. This booklet can be copied and shared with parents at parent information evenings, parent interviews and added to school websites. It is an excellent resource for Year Coordinators .

Preschool - Year 6 - Helping your child with Literacy and Numeracy

1239 Downloads, 24 April 2012

This booklet was developed for Literacy and Numeracy week. It is an excelent resource with ideas for learning at home using literacy and numeracy activities while: • shopping • using the computer • using the library • strengthening your child’s writing • organising family activities • watching television • travelling.

7 Top Tips for Surviving Year 7

992 Downloads, 24 April 2012

Updated 2016: This is a great handout for year coordinators to send to parents of year 7 students. It can easily be modified for other secondary years too. in Word format for easy customisation. Key words - teenagers, TV, internet, homework, study, year coordinator,

Getting Off to a Good Start

7 March 2012

This video clip is hosted by journalist and mum Rachel Friend. The School A to Z video webcasts feature a panel of experts ready to answer your questions on doing well in class; social life and friendships; behaviour and development; and technology and the internet

Parent Resource Library List - books, websites and CDs

1101 Downloads, 27 February 2012

This resource list has been complied by Parent Education Officers across various dioceses. It has a range of useful resources for parents and is a useful addition for school websites. Topics address boys, mothers, fathers, adolescents, parenting, emotional intelligence, discipline, alcohol, grief, resilience, mind matters, indigenous, engagement, learning

A Resource for Working with African Families

1118 Downloads, 28 November 2011

This guide was developed by the Horn of Africa Communities Network and Foundation House. It aims to support education providers with tips on how to work more closely and effectively with parents and children from African countries. It examines the barriers and gaps faced by parents and suggests practical strategies and ways of responding.

Connecting with External Agencies

1251 Downloads, 28 November 2011

Connecting Agencies: Meeting Priorities Together looks at new ways to generate community connections to support students’ learning.The paper aims to stimulate discussion and practice in building community alliances. It takes an evidence based view of community development and collaboration between agencies.

Helpful Hints for enhancing learning relationships with your (secondary) student

1839 Downloads, 29 May 2011

This secondary resource has practical hints to enhance comunication and learning links between parents and teens. It suggests great strategies for building communication, touch, the language of "proud", staying in tune, accepting mistakes and modelling determination and effort. The ideas are useful for school newsletters or handouts at parent meetings.


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